Volumetric-Measurement System

Halliburton introduced the Core-Vault system, a solution that provides a more-accurate volumetric picture of the amount of oil and gas trapped in unconventional reservoir rocks. The system allows operators to contain and bring to surface the reservoir fluids within rock samples, allowing for measurement of the volume of hydrocarbons in place. Traditional coring tools allowed 50 to 70% of the hydrocarbons to escape from the rock as the samples depressurized on their way to the surface. Building a model of the volume of oil and gas in a reservoir therefore required operators to estimate this fluid loss rather than measure the fluids in place, and the estimates were often inaccurate. By preserving 100% of the fluids within the core sample, the CoreVault system allows for an improved understanding of potential production within the reservoir. The CoreVault system, when combined with a rotary sidewall-coring tool, allows up to 10 cores to be sealed at reservoir conditions in a single wireline run, saving time when compared with full-hole coring and allowing more targeted samples to be taken.

Halliburton’s CoreVault volumetric-measurement system preserves 100% of the fluids within the core sample.


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