Mobile Inspection Tablet

The Mobile Inspection Tablet from Inspection Oilfield Services (IOS) delivers technological solutions to tubular-integrity issues. The data-acquisition tablet uses intelligent inspection software to provide real-time evidence of pipe failures and repairs, which is then digitally archived for effortless retrieval through a Web portal. The IOS tablet has the ability to log inspection results from any location, including a rig, yard, or shop. Both online and offline modes are supported for synchronizing data to the portal. The tablet has an imaging feature to add photos for failures, allowing for real-time or future review of specific asset conditions. Inspection reports, work orders, and invoices all link directly to a specific job. Recorded results are based on predefined inspection worksheets that are tailor-made for specific assets, such as drill tools, drillpipe, and tubulars. This process ensures that all critical information is captured and validated. Data are stored in a secure online archive, and information is searchable by invoice, asset serial number, work order, job, or status. The tablet simplifies paperwork, increases data integrity, and improves communication.

The Mobile Inspection Tablet from Inspection Oilfield Services.


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