Hydraulic-Fracturing System

Tendeka launched its FracRight complete hydraulic-fracturing system, enabling the collection and analysis of stimulation data in unconventional reservoirs. The FracRight system is a fully integrated fracture-sleeve solution for selective multizone stimulation in openhole or cased-hole applications. It enables the installation of multiple sleeves for each stage to be fractured, optimizing stimulation efficiency and production. The sleeves are shifted open by pumping a ball from surface, allowing for subsequent stimulation of the selected stage either from a single sleeve or a cluster of sleeves. FracRight allows users to verify isolation integrity, analyze the individual characteristics of each production interval, and make critical adjustments in the fracturing operation. The FracRight system can be integrated with Tendeka’s real-time distributed fiber-optic stimulation-monitoring service to provide more-effective evaluation and management of multizone completions. The system gathers the information required to measure, model, and optimize the stimulation treatment and subsequent flowback and production profiles. The system also can be used in conjunction with Tendeka’s Quest software suite for the analysis and presentation of stimulation and production data.

The FracRight hydraulic-fracturing system from Tendeka.


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