Intelligent-Well System

Wells with long horizontal laterals are sometimes susceptible to early water or gas breakthrough near the heel of the well. Premature breakthrough can quickly transform a healthy well into a water or gas producer, leaving hydrocarbons unrecovered in the reservoir. Baker Hughes recently introduced the MultiNode all-electric intelligent-well system to enable operators to monitor and remotely control an extended number of production zones in both cased and openhole completions. If water or gas breakthrough is detected in one part of the lateral, the active flow-control device (AFCD) in that zone can be choked back or closed completely to lock out water or gas. Up to 27 AFCDs can be run in a wellbore and controlled from the surface with a single tubing-encased conductor cable. Each AFCD includes six customizable choke settings—including the open and closed positions—that can be adjusted from the surface. The surface controls also can be accessed by use of a supervisory control-and-data-acquisition interface to monitor and control production zones remotely from virtually anywhere. The all-electric intelligent-well system combats early water and gas breakthrough in long laterals and helps operators actively balance flow in production zones.

Early water or gas breakthrough leaves hydrocarbons unrecovered (left). Use of the AFCDs in Baker Hughes’ MultiNode intelligent-well system helps balance production across the lateral and increases ultimate recovery (right).


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