Escape and Rescue Systems

3M has expanded its personal-safety portfolio to include two new rescue devices designed to help protect people working at height. The 3M and DEUS Escape and Rescue Systems enable workers to steadily control their descent from heights up to 590 ft. The easy-to-use systems, which weigh less than 3 lbm, can be used to facilitate escape and rescue procedures for individuals and multiple stranded workers in a short time. The 3M and DEUS kits allow for both assisted rescue and self-rescue after a fall. The new escape and rescue systems are available with two controlled-descent options in the 3300 and 3700 devices. The 3300 device allows for rescue from heights up to 350 ft at a descent rate of 3 m/s. The 3700 device has been third-party tested and certified to the American National Standards Institute standard and offers users a descent rate of 2 m/s from heights up to 590 ft.

The 3M and DEUS 3300 controlled-descent rescue device.


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