SPE Archives Industry History—How Can You Contribute?

Recognizing the need to preserve the experience and knowledge of those innovators who contributed to the advancement of the industry, SPE’s Board of Directors authorized a history archive project to collect this history for its members and the public, and to provide unlimited access to the content by housing the entire archive online, on the Engineering and Technology History Wiki (ETHW).

The website will provide a Wiki-based platform, allowing participants to relate their experiences as an engineer in the petroleum industry. This will be accomplished in several ways: through oral histories, first-hand history testimonials, and through topic articles that will provide the technical history of the industry.

Anyone interested in sharing their reminiscences of working in the industry or of how their research has contributed to furthering the petroleum E&P  industry is encouraged to submit their stories by going to the SPE history page and following the instructions there. SPE has already developed several oral histories consisting of video interviews with industry veterans who have made significant contributions in their respective disciplines. These videos can also be viewed at this site.

The full ETHW will be launched in January 2015—including ETHWs for other engineering societies, aimed at engineers whose experiences and technical contributions are more related to the disciplines represented by those societies.


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