Casing-Running and Drilling Tool

Weatherford introduced its new casing-running and -drilling tool, the TorkDrive DT-E. This tool combines conventional power-tong, elevator, and fill-up/circulation tools into one working part, which, in turn, enhances efficiency and reduces costs. The remotely operated tool eliminates the need for scaffolds, equipment, and personnel that are typically needed on the rig floor to run casing, ensuring wellbore integrity and increasing rig-floor safety. The tool also has the ability to interface with any topdrive system and can be installed without modifying the topdrive or rig structure, simplifying the installation process. When mounted to the topdrive, the tool uses the power of the topdrive to circulate, push down, reciprocate, or rotate casing during operations. The TorkDrive DT-E tool is a surface tool designed to enhance casing-­running and drilling operations, providing operators and drilling contractors with capabilities that add the value of real-time drilling-hazard mitigation and also offering a better alternative to drilling-with-casing applications. Because of its reduced footprint, the TorkDrive DT-E is the best choice for casing running in small and super single rigs. Even in challenging well applications, the tool reduces the possibility of differential sticking and other problems that lead to nonproductive time, while also ensuring connection integrity.

Weatherford’s TorkDrive DT-E casing-running and -drilling tool is remotely operated and features a reduced footprint


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