Flange Seal

Parker Hannifin’s new Engineered Flange Seal (EFS) helps eliminate the problems that plague standard O-rings, which are prone to pop out of the flange groove. The EFS reduces rework and eliminates the difficulty of replacing standard O-rings in hose-product installation. The EFS is specifically designed to fit precisely into the groove of Parker Hannifin Code 61 and Code 62 flanges, providing consistently strong seal retention. The rounded design of standard O-rings has an unnatural fit in the flanges, leaving a gap in the groove. This gap can lead to difficult installation, hose-assembly leakage, and the potential for the O-ring to fall out. The secure, engineered design of the EFS benefits all high-pressure applications, and fluid power professionals can expect reduced downtime and rework after installation. EFS product features include secure seal retention before, during, and after installation; quick assembly, with no tooling or lubrication needed; reduced risk of seal damage and leakage; and the ability to withstand working temperatures up to 257°F.

The Engineered Flange Seal from Parker Hannifin.


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