Flameless Radiant-Heat System

EnviroVault introduced their tank system ThermoVault, a safe alternative to the traditional fire-tube-separation method commonly in use. ThermoVault’s multiple catalytic heaters use a flameless radiant-heat system, safe for use in hazardous areas, making it ideally suited for light-crude-oil separation and storage. Light volatile crude presents many challenges to new and existing infrastructure at all levels of production. Upstream production and storage personnel face challenges heating and separating oil from water. Fire tubes with open flames are not ideal to use with highly flammable crude, and industry needs alternative solutions. The ThermoVault reduces space requirements on lease sites because it eliminates the need for a heater treater that must be 25 ft away from the tank, thereby increasing safety, mitigating environmental risks, and reducing reclamation costs. Heater size and quantity can vary on the basis of the application. ThermoVault lasts the entire life of the tank, and eliminates low-­frequency noise pollution when compared with fire-tube burners.


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