Constant-Speed Motor Controller

Weatherford is offering its MotorWise constant-speed motor controller, an alternating-current (AC) induction motor-energy management-and-control system. Its design uses digital signal processors and unique control software to allow optimal energy management. The units identify partial and intermittent loading conditions and dynamically reduce the motor’s voltage to an optimal level without changing speed. Its operation reduces energy costs and enables motors to run cooler and more smoothly. This is achieved by eliminating waste in the form of heat, noise, and vibration while maintaining proper operation, collectively decreasing maintenance costs, and improving the reliability and longevity of the motor, gear box, and load-bearing components. The MotorWise motor controller is compatible with conventional, beam-balanced, and enhanced-geometry pumping units. The controllers are used in a variety of three-phase-power-distribution schemes, including wye, delta, and grounded-delta configurations. Depending on the application, MotorWise controllers can immediately improve the energy consumption of a constant-speed, variable-load AC-induction motor by an average of 22%.

Weatherford’s MotorWise AC-induction motor-energy management-and-control system.



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