Reservoir-Simulation-Software Tool

Sciencesoft has introduced its S3sector reservoir-simulation-software tool. S3sector provides a solution to extracting information from a full-field model. This software tool builds sector models in minutes rather than the weeks needed for a manual conversion. The first release of S3sector provides full support for creating Eclipse and UTCHEM sector models, soon to be followed by support for Nexus, IMEX, GEM, and STARS. Single or multiple wells can be selected quickly, and a new sector model can be built in minutes. S3sector automatically maps the data from one simulator onto the format required for the sector model. Corner-point geometry can be converted to block-centered geometry, with additional refinement added to model fine-scale effects. Enhanced-oil-recovery models for UTCHEM can be built quickly and easily, saving weeks of painstaking manual work. S3sector features interactive region selection through user-defined polygons, as well as integrated visualization of full-field and sector models. Multiple work flows include polymer flooding, surfactant flooding, radial-grid well tests, and -tartan-grid models.

Sciencesoft’s S3sector reservoir-simulation-software tool. Higher resolution applied to a sector model using a tartan grid.



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