Structural-Integrity-Assessment Tool

Flexible risers are critical assets in floating production operations, subjected to demanding conditions involving extreme dynamic loading and hazardous environments. Yet until now, their structural integrity has been difficult to assess during operation because the pipe design is too complex for conventional inspection technologies to be effective. MAPS-FR, by GE Oil & Gas, is a tool designed to truly assess the structural integrity of the key load-bearing components of the pipe’s construction—the steel armor-wire layers. Underpinned by the MAPS magnetic-stress-measurement methodology, MAPS-FR is the only inspection method that gauges actual stress levels in these multiple wire layers, detecting capacity degradation at the onset, and presenting opportunities for asset-life extension, proactive-mitigation planning, and minimized operational risk. A key benefit is MAPS-FR’s unique capability of sensing the effect of wire damage many meters away from the actual damage site, which is advantageous for evaluating riser integrity at the splash zone and up to the top termination, where there is little or no access to the riser structure.

GE Oil & Gas has introduced its MAPS-FR structural-integrity-assessment tool.



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