Drillstem-Test Tool String

Expro deployed its new Expro Annulus-Operated Circulating and Test Tool (ExACT) for the first time in a live offshore well. The successful operation took place on the Vermillion field in the Gulf of Mexico following trial work onshore in Brazil last year. The tool, one of the most advanced of its kind, combines downhole shut-in and circulating functionality. Rated at 15,000 psi and temperatures up to 400°F, ExACT features minimal fast-cycling to position the ball and ports in the required position, shortening times between cycles and therefore reducing costs. A key feature of the tool is its ability to fit with a range of downhole operational conditions and objectives. Part of Expro’s new generation of drillstem-testing tools and developed in-house, ExACT is primarily aimed at deepwater markets. Its unique “smart-collet” and interlocking system makes the tool operationally flexible and efficient, ultimately saving rig time. During the deployment, ­tubing-conveyed perforating guns were fired by use of a ­pressure-activated firing system set to detonate with 2,400-psi applied annulus pressure. ExACT was set up at surface to fully function downhole with applied annulus pressure between 1,100 and 1,400 psi. Post-job analysis of gauge data verified that ExACT was operating within 50 psi of calculated values in all tool positions.

ExACT, the drillstem-testing tool from Expro.



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