Downhole Wireless Sensor System

Emerson Process Management successfully deployed its Roxar Downhole Wireless PT Sensor System. The instrument has been deployed as part of the completion on Statoil’s Skuld field in the Norwegian North Sea. The Roxar Downhole Wireless PT Sensor System provides a means of detecting any variations in pressure or temperature behind the casing in subsea wells, particularly in the B annulus. Through being provided with an early warning of abnormal pressure variations, operators are able to ensure that remedial action is scheduled and implemented in a timely manner, thereby protecting well integrity and ensuring offshore safety. The deterioration of cement seals or loss of casing integrity because of increased pressure behind the well casing can allow injection or reservoir gas to migrate vertically along the outside of the casing, leading to a number of unwanted and potentially hazardous conditions. With the Roxar Downhole Wireless PT Sensor System, however, operators will be able to monitor Annulus-B pressure and temperature wirelessly and continuously online for the life of the well. The tool will also negate the sometimes excessive and expensive overdimensioning of casings that can take place to compensate for worst-case scenarios and will also potentially provide operators with significant cost savings.

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Annulus-B pressure and temperature can be monitored wirelessly for the life of the well with Emerson Process Management’s Roxar Downhole Wireless PT Sensor System.



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