Radiographic Inspection System

Applus RTD’s Rayscan Tankscan is a real-time digital radiographic inspection system that delivers the capability to complete a full inspection of liquefied-natural-gas storage-tank welds in a single scan movement, producing a high-quality image of each weld. The system is an improvement on current radiography methods because no chemical processing of film is required and a steady scanning system is used for dynamic examination. The system is suitable for both horizontal and vertical welds, and its rigid frame helps maintain alignment between the X-ray source and the digital-line detector. This more-efficient process can serve operator budgets by reducing the amount of time consumed examining each weld, as well as the number of operators required. The product has been designed to avoid vibrations. A safe working distance of only 3 m from the frame is also achieved with a protective shield surrounding the X-ray source, beam, and detector.

Applus RTD’s Rayscan Tankscan digital radiographic inspection system.



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