Shear-History Simulator

The rheology of fracturing fluids used by the oil and gas industry is affected by a range of factors and conditions, and shear-history simulators have proven useful for determining how well these fluids perform in transporting proppants. The Chandler Engineering Model 5600-Auto shear-history simulator simplifies the process of preparing and loading water-based fracturing fluids into rotational viscometers. The process begins with a gel-based fluid that is placed into a pressurized supply reservoir that delivers the fluid to an injection pump. The fluid is pumped through a combination of tubes at various rates and durations to simulate pumping conditions experienced during fracture treatments. Pressure is applied to the reservoir through an air regulator mounted onto the face panel. The gel pump is constructed of high-­pressure, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and is driven by a servo motor that can deliver 0 to 140 mL/min. An additional ­stainless-steel pump is able to deliver 20 mL/min of crosslinker. The simulator features a maximum operating pressure of 2,000 psi at ambient temperatures; features also include multiple tubing configurations, four shear-­history-tube assemblies, and a panel-­mounted computer with touch-screen interface and automatic loop-flushing features.

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The Chandler Engineering Model 5600-Auto shear-history simulator.



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