Slim-Profile Formation Sampler

The Compact formation sampler is a slim, lightweight tool that provides efficient pressure/volume/temperature (PVT) sampling in diverse boreholes. The sampler can capture up to three true 700-cc PVT samples in a range of wellbore sizes from less than 3 in. to 14 in. The self-centering design reduces ­formation-sticking risks, enables a more-efficient and faster connection with the target zones, and makes it possible to deploy the tool on traditional wireline or through drillpipe. The sampler can be deployed on monocable or hepta­cable, which is particularly advantageous in offshore environments. Real-time and recorded pressure data acquired by the sampler can be used to calculate ­formation-pressure gradients, ascertain fluid-contact levels, determine fluid mobility, and define formation permeability. The combined capabilities of the sampler enable operators to obtain reliable, representative formation fluid samples by wireline, resulting in operations that are safer and simpler than those using traditional formation-testing tools.

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The Compact formation sampler from Weatherford provides efficient PVT sampling in diverse boreholes.



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