Gaseous-Fueled Mobile Generators

Magnum Power Products introduced a line of gaseous-fueled mobile generators. Ranging from 100 to 396 kW, the new line can run directly on well gas in addition to natural gas and propane. Well gas is traditionally flared in oil and gas applications. By running directly on this well gas, the Magnum gaseous-fueled generators offer users significant savings in daily fuel costs. To account for fluctuations in well gas, the generators provide paralleling capabilities and automatic changeover so that power output is maintained. The generators allow a site to maintain power without customer interaction and are supported by an extensive service network. Each unit in this new line features a heavy-duty spark-ignited engine designed to handle the impurities that come from running on raw natural gas. The engine–management systems automatically adjust to run on propane, natural gas, or well gas. The full-featured controller can be programmed in the field for customized installations, and the sound-attenuating enclosure ensures quiet operation.

One of Magnum Power Products’ gaseous-fueled mobile generators.



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