Radio-Frequency-Identification Reader

Juniper Systems’ radio-frequency-identification (RFID) reader IDBLUE works in conjunction with the company’s line of rugged handheld computers to provide flexible RFID capabilities. Because RFID technology works well in extreme environments, it has become a preferred data-capture tool over barcode scanning for many applications. RFID technology has matured in recent years and has become increasingly cost-effective. Unlike barcode scanning technology, RFID technology uses electromagnetic (radio) waves to transmit information. RFID tags are designed to operate in rugged environments and to store specific data. The IDBLUE reader is intended for short-range applications, enabling users to narrow down to a specific asset’s data. The pen-shaped RFID reader doubles as a capacitive stylus and features a pocket-sized, ergonomic design. It is available in both high-frequency and ultrahigh-frequency models. Juniper Systems’ rugged handheld computers, used in conjunction with the IDBLUE reader, are also designed to be used in extreme environments, featuring waterproof and dustproof hardware, sunlight-readable displays, extra-long battery life, and dependable connectivity to Bluetooth, wi-fi, and global-positioning-system technology.

The IDBLUE RFID reader from Juniper Systems, pictured with one of the company’s handheld computers.



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