Liquid-Level Indicator

The SOR Controls Group 1100 Series magnetic level indicator can visually indicate the liquid level of almost any process media while offering total isolation of the process within a sealed piping column. This design eliminates several common challenges, including leaking seals, clouded glasses, and broken glass tubing, and in addition allows easy-access cleaning and adaptation to a variety of mounting styles and process connections. Multiple devices can be triggered by the magnetic field of the 1100 Series float. It is possible to attach other level instruments to the outside of the primary chamber or in a secondary chamber, providing a less-expensive system than would a buildup of sight glasses, alarm switches, and transmitters, all separately piped to the vessel. The 1100 Series can be used in a variety of environments, including oil/water separators, flash drums, surge tanks, gas chillers, vacuum tower bottoms, alkylation units, propane vessels, and storage tanks.

The 1100 Series magnetic liquid-level indicator from SOR Controls Group.



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