Imaging and Analysis System

Paradigm’s EarthStudy 360 full-azimuth angle domain imaging and analysis system offers asset-targeted seismic imaging and reservoir-characterization services for subsalt and shale-resource plays. Paradigm’s seismic processing and imaging solutions reduce uncertainty and improve reliability through better seismic signal quality, positioning, and content. EarthStudy 360 creates an abundance of seismic image data, decomposed into full-azimuth, angle-dependent reflection and directional (dip and azimuth) data components. These can be sampled selectively, combined creatively, visualized dynamically, and processed further to secure -images of the subsurface. The images can reveal the information needed for velocity-model determination and can provide details regarding the presence of microfractures, the orientation of faults and fractures, the influence of anisotropy, the directions of contributing illumination, and the elastic properties of target reservoirs. EarthStudy 360 is most effective for imaging and analysis in unconventional gas plays within shale formations and in fractured carbonate reservoirs. The system produces accurate images from below complex structures. These result in optimal solutions for anisotropic tomography and for fracture detection and reservoir characterization. 

Paradigm’s EarthStudy 360 imaging and analysis system.



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