Natural-Oil Surfactant

Stepan introduced its STEPOSOL MET-10U surfactant, derived from natural oils and designed to displace solvents. The solution is the first commercial product launched by Stepan as part of its joint-development agreement with Elevance Renewable Sciences. A naturally derived feedstock forms a bio-based surfactant that achieves sustainability goals while improving cleaning performance. Its applications are broad, including adhesive removal, paint- and coating-removal systems, and all-purpose cleaners for both consumer and industrial uses. As an adhesive remover, STEPOSOL MET-10U provides equivalent removal of various adhesives at 5% concentration in aqueous phase compared with 100% n-methyl pyrrolidone, and, as a paint remover, it achieves safe and efficient removal of latex paint at 5% concentration in aqueous phase compared with 100% solvent systems with methylene chloride. STEPOSOL MET-10U product attributes include its Kauri-butanol value greater than 1,000, a boiling point of 297°C, a Biorenewable Carbon Index rating of 75%, and a formulating pH range of 3 to 12. These parameters create a high-strength, nonvolatile surfactant.


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