Torque-Turn-Analysis Software

In collaboration with premium-connection manufacturers, Weatherford recently enhanced its TorkPro torque-turn-analysis software to deliver more-precise connection-torqueing capabilities and significantly reduce the risk of costly or catastrophic leaks. Connection-makeup acceptance and accuracy are critical to casing-string integrity, which provides a secure mechanical formation barrier for the life of a well, and overall well integrity. Challenged with higher torque requirements around premium connections and metal-to-metal seals with tubulars, the industry has a heightened focus on connection integrity. By comparing real-time job reports with the latest connection-manufacturer requirements, TorkPro evaluates the data and automatically populates comments about the connection condition on a graph, which then prompts the technician to take corrective action. The software monitors, analyzes, and reports torque-turn data for all tubing and casing connections, and has expanded traditional acceptance criteria to include delta turns, shoulder slope, statistics snapshots, and connection overlays to enable quick comparisons with historical data and identification of unusual connection profiles. The ability to view connection makeup in real time, in an office or on a mobile device, can reduce on-site headcount and further enhances the speed with which connection problems are resolved. 

Graph illustrating that, with use of Weatherford’s TorkPro torque-turn-analysis software, all connection-acceptance criteria have been met.



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