Hydraulic Catwalk

Tesco’s  Hercules hydraulic catwalk offers increased safety and adaptability with the capability of presenting tubulars to any rig floor from 4 to 32 ft by use of scissor-lift arms. The Hercules’ trough-extension capability allows tubular placement close to the well center, thereby eliminating the danger of tubular swing weight. The Hercules, with a total length of 60 ft and a telescoping trough of 20 ft, has a lifting capacity of 10,000 lbm. Shorter hydraulic gull wings than those featured in other designs result in reduced weight, while the skeleton frame provides ease of access. The catwalk comes equipped with both a traditional control panel and an explosion-proof wireless programmable-logic–controller (PLC) system that controls key functions (front and back arms, trough extension, and skate) and eliminates the damage sustained by non-PLC systems, resulting in extended catwalk life. Hot and cold temperature-control systems, emergency stop buttons, light-emitting-diode illumination, and a tubular skate head that can retrieve tubulars provide enhanced efficiency and safety. Numerous optional features are available, including custom paint and builds and specialized doors and power units.

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Tesco’s Hercules drilling-rig hydraulic catwalk system.



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