Static Mixer

Chemineer has introduced its Kenics UltraTab static mixer, designed for turbulent-flow applications where a high degree of mixing is required in a compact space. The UltraTab provides numerous advantages, including its compact installation-space requirement and its ability to completely blend in short distances downstream of the mixer, and the low pressure drop through the mixing element. Turbulent eddies produced from the single mixing element produce mixing of the bulk flow. Injector(s) are provided for additives to the main flow and are introduced to the upstream edge of the element. The additives are quickly dispersed by the element for rapid blending and homogeneity of the fluid. UltraTab sizes range from 2 to 60 in.; available materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, coated carbon/316SS, fiber–reinforced plastic, and high-alloy metals. Typical applications include pH control, chlorination, chemical dosing/flash mixing, disinfection, and polymer blending in water-treatment applications. Additional applications include turbulent-flow mixers in desalination processes, turbulent-flow mixers in chemical processing, and low-viscosity blending.

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Chemineer’s Kenics UltraTab static mixer features a compact design in a range of materials.



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