Subsurface Safety Valve

Weatherford’s Renaissance damaged-control-line (DCL) wireline-retrievable subsurface safety valve (SSSV) makes it possible to restore safety-valve functionality and surface control in a simple retrofit procedure, restoring safe operations and bringing the well back on line without a workover. The DCL safety valve has a unique, modified packing mandrel and wet connection. The valve-and-lock assembly is installed in an existing tubing-mounted safety valve or safety-valve landing nipple. Then, a new capillary line is run from the surface inside the tubing for valve control. In one successful installation of the Renaissance system, an operator of an oil field off the coast of Indonesia needed a new safety-valve system to help restore full surface-controlled SSSV functionality in a well where the safety-valve control line had become blocked. The operator wanted to eliminate the need to produce the well through a storm-choke valve while maintaining the original production rate. In addition, the desired solution had to be implemented without a rig or workover unit and had to maintain the existing surface wellhead geometry without additional spools or changes in flowline height. The Renaissance system was deployed, providing a new insert valve and a conduit to restore surface-controlled SSSV functionality. Once the well was opened, production returned to preinstallation levels.

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The Renaissance DCL system from Weatherford is a safety system designed to retrofit a well that has been shut in as a consequence of a damaged SSSV or a blocked or damaged control line to the SSSV.



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