Personnel-Transfer Device

Reflex Marine’s new personnel-transfer device, the FROG-XT4, is now available. The FROG-XT4 provides greater comfort and safety to passengers, wider operating parameters, and higher-capacity transfers than its predecessor. It has a smaller footprint and a more compact design, making it easy to store and more cost-effective to ship. The lifting points are now at eye level and therefore easier to access and inspect, making it simple to ensure the safety of the unit before each transfer, and the rigging system has been enhanced. The new stretcher-mounting system is capable of being deployed quickly in medical evacuation situations. The FROG-XT4 features a stainless-steel frame and polyethylene buoyancy panels as well as impact-absorbing seats and an antirotational seating arrangement. An increased capacity now seats four passengers and allows for greater average passenger weight.

The FROG-XT4 personnel-transfer device from Reflex Marine.



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