Remote-Control Fracture Manifold

Concentric Pipe and Tool Rentals has released the Generation III Remote–Controlled Frac Manifold. The Generation III system consists of an Accu-Choke remote panel for operators to interface with the choke-manifold skid safely. The remote panel contains pressure indications, valve–position indication, valve functioning, system backup batteries, a programmable-logic controller (PLC), pump controls, and jog controls. The primary system controls are a touchscreen and PLC for automated operation, offering the ability to change system set points, data entry, reviews, and control of the entire system by use of visual graphical controls. The Accu-Choke system is operated with backup, pneumatic, and manual controls. The Generation III is rated for use in the Gulf of Mexico and internationally. In compliance with current industry standards, all system control and indication data are recorded digitally at 10 cycles/sec during operation of the system. The system is constructed for marine shipboard offshore shipping conditions and corrosion-resistant operations. The hydraulic and electrical systems are designed to withstand and successfully operate in direct sunlight with intermittent sprayed salt water. The system can also withstand conditions of 20 to 100°F with 100% relative humidity.

The Generation III Remote-Controlled Frac Manifold provides increased safety measures for operators interfacing with the choke-manifold skid. Its features and technologies allow teams to work on projects in deeper waters demanding more-advanced tools.



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