Turbine-Reamer Tool

Deep Casing Tools’ Turbocaser Express is a series of sacrificial turbine-reamer tools designed to help wash and ream casing, liners, and completions to target depth in holes that already have been drilled. The tools are connected to the end of the string and stay in the hole when target depth is reached. Turbo-caser Express simply attaches to the casing or liner below the float equipment as part of the shoe track. If obstructions are encountered when running casing or liners, circulation is all that is required to start the reamer shoe rotating at high speed to wash and ream the string to bottom. In several challenging wells, it has proved successful in reaming tight spots, clearing cavings and fill, and reducing excessive filter-cake buildup, particularly in mature fields with depleted zones. For drillout, the Turbocaser Express motor has to be drilled through. The motor can be drilled straight through in less than 15 minutes, faster than the float collars above it. The same drillout assembly can proceed to drill the next openhole section. Drillout operations to date have been completed successfully with polycrystalline-diamond-compact, insert, and mill-toothed bits.

The Turbocaser Express sacrificial turbine-reamer tool from Deep Casing Tools.



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