Solid Inhibitor

Baker Hughes introduced its –SorbUltra solid inhibitors, which can minimize the risk of expensive interventions and lost production in offshore wells. The solid substrate on which the inhibitor is applied is engineered to help ensure reliable applications in deepwater environments and can be customized to treat a range of downhole conditions including scale, paraffin, and asphaltene deposition. The treatment begins in the propped zone as soon as produced fluids contact the SorbUltra inhibitors. This process occurs before the produced fluids reach the near-wellbore region, where temperature or pressure -changes commonly cause flow–assurance problems. The treatments have lasted longer than conventional liquid-flow–assurance chemistry, and, depending on the well production, can remain in production fluids at effective levels long after they are pumped. The inhibitors are applied as part of the well stimulation to obstruct deposition in the near-wellbore environment and formation. They can be run in new or existing wells as part of a propped stimulation, such as a gravel pack or fracture pack, and are ideal for wells with closure rates in excess of 8,000 psi.

Baker Hughes’ SorbUltra solid inhibitor.



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