Acquisition and Control Unit

The Schlumberger Instruct all-in-one acquisition and control unit helps operators maximize uptime and productivity on wells equipped with electrical submersible pumps. This single unit gathers, analyzes, and transmits data from surface and downhole sensors to manage and control well and pump performance simultaneously. The unit can monitor and control up to four wells at once, providing centralized data gathering and storage for optimization, engineering analysis, and troubleshooting. The unit installs directly into the Schlumberger variable-speed drives and can be configured to automatically make adjustments to optimize well and pump performance. Critical downhole data are transmitted to the Instruct unit in real time. Periodic software upgrades can be installed quickly from a flash drive. For remote operation, the unit can connect by a real-time surveillance and optimization service to the Schlumberger Artificial Lift Control Center for 24-hour surveillance 365 days/yr. Equipped with programmable alarms with emergency-shutdown capability, the unit’s display, diagnostics, and alarms are in plain language rather than codes; this, coupled with a multilingual programming feature, ensures wellsite protection, control, and data acquisition to help maintain wellsite integrity.

The Instruct acquisition and control unit from Schlumberger.



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