Self-Suspending Proppant

Santrol has announced full-scale production of its Propel self-suspending-proppant (SSP) technology. Additional manufacturing sites will be integrated during the first half of 2014. SSP technology involves a polymer that is applied to a proppant substrate. Once placed into the fracture fluid, the polymer swells and suspends in the fluid. The swelling decreases the proppant’s effective density, enabling suspension in the fracture fluid and distribution to the fracture tip. This eliminates the piling up of proppant that pinches off productive intervals. The technology carries the proppant farther into the fracture for substantially better propped-fracture length, a new solution to the decades-old challenge of evenly distributing proppant throughout the created hydraulic fracture. The technology, which eliminates the need for certain fracture-fluid additives (including guar, crosslinkers, and friction reducers), significantly increases hydraulic-fracturing efficiency and hydrocarbon production. Santrol began field trials after acquiring the technology in May 2013. Continuing field trials are based in major US oil and gas plays.

An illustration of Santrol’s Propel self-suspending proppant at work.



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