Wireline-Deployed Well-Integrity Tools

Weatherford’s new suite of wireline-deployed well-integrity tools leverages advanced diagnostic technologies to enable accurate assessment of downhole integrity threats. The suite includes a high-resolution multisensor caliper that logs corrosion-related pits or deposits on tubing strings at a rate of 400 samples/m (10 samples/in.). An upgraded ultrasonic radial scanner features new downhole-processing capabilities that allow for -casing-thickness calculations from all fired shots, and at a standard resolution that matches high-resolution tools. The scanner also includes a new mud chamber that measures fluid slowness, fluid acoustic impedance, and fluid density, all simultaneously acquired with the rest of the data. Additional design upgrades include stronger centralizers to improve operation in highly deviated wells, and a new post-processing technique to log casing up to 1 in. thick. The suite further includes a casing-imaging tool that allows independent readings of each sensor to detect not only an inside or outside casing defect, but also its geometry, length, width, and percent of penetration. Finally, a novel cement-bond tool is available in a shorter and lighter body design to provide an optimized bandwidth for recording cement-bond logs with greater data quality.

As part of its new suite of wireline-deployed well-integrity products, Weatherford’s TVision interactive software provides graphic views of data from a multisensor-caliper tool. An interactive 3D view of the well includes trajectory, plate view, section magnification, and various contour modes.



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