Magnetic-Drive Progressing-Cavity Pump

Moyno Mag Drive pumps are the first progressing-cavity wobble-stator pumps to offer magnetic drives. The sealless, magnetic-drive design provides zero leakage for critical applications. These pumps can handle toxic, aggressive, caustic, or even flammable and explosive fluids. The Mag Drive uses the latest technology to ensure operator safety, eliminate workplace hazards, and protect the environment from contamination. The four models do not have mechanical seals, eliminating costly repairs, and they do not vapor lock when handling gaseous, volatile liquids. A magnetic coupling establishes a static seal, aligning an outer-driven magnet with an inner-driven magnet within a stationary containment shell, while pulsation-free, low-shear pumping action maintains the pump’s integrity. Flow rates range from 0.1 to 900 gal/hr. The pumps feature skid-mounted, turnkey systems. Typical applications include sodium hypochlorite, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, ferric chloride, aluminum chloride, and many other caustic fluids.

Moyno’s magnetic-drive progressing-cavity pump.



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