Verification Dashboard

DNV GL’s Verification Scheme Dashboard (VSD) is a graphical, web-database-driven tool that identifies offshore risks and how they can be managed to reduce major accident risks. The VSD shows a list of all safety critical elements (SCEs) and the number of findings relating to each SCE. The SCEs are also grouped into barrier types to make visible the cumulative risk from related findings. The tool is easily expandable so that it may cover the requirements of environmentally critical elements as required by the new Offshore Safety Directive in Europe. Each finding associated with an SCE can be mapped to a specific location on the installation. This display allows the duty holder to see for the first time the potential cumulative effect of these degraded SCEs. Detailed information relating to any of the findings, including customer information (e.g., performance standards, planned maintenance routines, and piping and instrumentation diagrams), can be viewed by clicking on the category icon on the plot plan or isometric graphic.


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