Drilling-Optimization Tools

Sperry Drilling, a Halliburton business line, has introduced two new sizes of DrillDOC drilling-optimization tools: 4¾- and 9½-in. collars. The addition of the two new sizes is especially beneficial for use when drilling complex directional well trajectories and horizontal or extended-reach wells. The new DrillDOC collars provide the measurements necessary to fully understand downhole drilling dynamics, delivering real-time torsion, weight, bending, and vibration measurements, thereby identifying the actual drilling parameters that are being applied to the bottomhole assembly and the bit. These measurements give operators greater insight into the wellbore to reduce uncertainty, minimize unplanned events, and optimize drilling performance. Drilling performance dramatically improves through the use of captured measurements that help reduce cost and mitigate risk through data analysis. For instance, rate-of-penetration and -directional-drilling-performance optimization can reduce costs, and nonproductive time can also be reduced.

DrillDOC collar from Sperry Drilling, part of Halliburton’s suite of drilling-optimization tools


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