Tagged Inhibitor

Operators are seeking ways to address scale-inhibitor monitoring on- and offshore to better manage treatments.  Determining the minimum inhibitor concentration quickly and precisely is critical to effectively manage the required shutdowns and scheduling for offshore squeeze treatments. In response to this need, Kemira has introduced its KemGuard 2490 phosphorous-tagged inhibitor and its KemGuard 2420 fluorescent-tagged inhibitor, both of which can be monitored quickly and accurately down to single-ppm levels. The tagged inhibitors can be quantified in the presence of one another to monitor multiple wells from a single production stream at a collection platform or field battery. The tags are manufactured into the polymer structure so that both the tag and the polymer stay together as the polymer moves through the reservoir in the case of squeeze jobs or through production equipment for onshore treatments. The tagged inhibitors have proved effective for inhibition of sulfate scales under a wide range of oilfield brine conditions.

A test for residuals by use of Kemira’s tagged inhibitors.



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