Wireless Downhole Testing System

Schlumberger has introduced the Quartet downhole-reservoir-testing system enabled by Muzic wireless telemetry, which provides data in real time for validation so that critical information is available to meet well-test objectives. The Quartet system uses wireless bidirectional communication to provide downhole tool status and pressure and temperature data, allowing test-design modifications and test-data validation while reservoir testing is taking place. The system also enhances testing efficiency by enabling the isolation, control, measurement, and sampling of the reservoir in a single run. Field tests using the Quartet system with wireless telemetry have been run in Egypt, Indonesia, Qatar, Brazil, and Angola in environments ranging from onshore to deep water. A total of 22 reservoir tests have been conducted with data from downhole to surface at a 100% communication-success rate. In Brazil, Petrobras and Schlumberger identified an opportunity to optimize deepwater well-test operations with a real-time communication solution on a well in the presalt Santos basin. As a result of the collaboration, the Quartet system was deployed successfully, delivering flow and shut-in data to monitor operations and adjust the test program in real time.

Schlumberger’s Quartet Muzic wireless downhole testing system.



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