Tight-Casing Centralizer

Centek Group’s UROS-CT centralizer, targeted at tight-casing applications in deepwater wells, is now available. The UROS-CT is designed for use in tight-tolerance casings where the centralizer is required to compress fully to travel between tight-tolerance casing strings, yet will expand to the designed openhole size. The UROS-CT is engineered to precise ring-gauge tolerances, partly because casing drift downhole is a major concern when running in deep-water wells, but also because the centralizer must compress as closely as possible to the casing because every millimeter saved allows for greater expansion in the open hole. The centralizer is secured into position by use of low-profile, positive stop rings. The UROS-CT fits straight onto standard casing joints, so there is no need to run an expensive pup joint, and substantial rig makeup time is avoided. This centralizer significantly reduces insertion forces and drag, and the unit does not need to be pulled into the well because the design allows for normal run-in-hole methods, so it goes down under its own mass. The UROS-CT is being run successfully off Norway, Brazil, Brunei, and Malaysia and is now being used in the Gulf of Mexico by both US and Mexican operators.

The UROS-CT centralizer from Centek.



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