Scale-Inhibitor-Evaluation System

The Model 5400 dynamic scale-deposition loop from AMETEK Chandler Engineering is a fully automated system that measures and evaluates the performance of scale inhibitors under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. The system pumps precisely heated oil samples at known rates through a tubing test section while continuously measuring the differential pressure. An increase in differential pressure serves as an indication of scale formation, and the test is completed once that differential pressure reaches an adjustable threshold value. The system features a precise forced-air convection oven, removable sample and preheat tube assembly, external pH electrode, and Hastelloy C276 sample tubing and fittings inside the oven. Its hardware includes two manual set-point backpressure regulators (high or low range) that are used to create the sample pressure inside the test section during pumping. Two high-performance liquid chromatography pumps are used to transport the fluids through the tubing, both with six-port switching valves. The system’s proprietary software is designed for ease of use and is powerful enough to collect and calculate all of the acquired data over the completed test cycle. The software allows operators to control the overflow rate, test time, fluid selection, and temperature of each individual test.

AMETEK Chandler Engineering’s Model 5400 scale-inhibitor-evaluation system.



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