Subsea Pile-Driving System

Conductor Installation Services has introduced its Subsea Piling System, a remotely operated system that the company developed to drive piles as large as 36 in. in diameter in water depths to 300 m. The entire process is carried out by an experienced pile-driving engineer from a control unit and monitoring system located onboard a vessel or barge. A hydraulic hammer, connected by an electronic umbilical cable to the control system, is lowered into the water and placed directly over a subsea pile. Once it is positioned accurately, the pile is driven into the seabed by the hammer until it reaches its target depth. The operation is continuously monitored and controlled by an engineer in a dedicated control cabin. The system features self-tensioning hydraulic winches that lower and raise the hydraulic hoses and electrical cables that connect to the hammer. The constant-tensioning capability of the Subsea Piling System’s winches means that they automatically heave and lower according to sea conditions.

A subsea piling hammer, part of Conductor Installation Services’ Subsea Piling System.



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