Water-Treatment Solution

AquaMost has introduced its new SX PECO Reactor, enabling chemical-free water treatment. The system, which combines multiple bacteria-killing forces including on-site generation of chlorine and hydroxyl radicals with ultraviolet irradiation into a single easy-to-use plug-and-play system, has already been deployed at multiple sites in Texas, Colorado, and Utah. The benefits of the SX Reactor include chemical-free kill of multiple bacteria types, treatment for as low as USD 0.10/bbl, a scalar modular design, low energy consumption, and a compact footprint. In its deployments, the AquaMost device has outperformed chemical-biocide treatment methods, killing more types of bacteria for less money, without requiring the purchase, storage, handling, and insurance of chemicals. Numerous E&P companies have scheduled installations of systems this fall and in the spring of 2014 at disposal wells, at fixed-plant recycling facilities, and at the wellhead. The AquaMost solution has the flexibility to handle fresh, brackish, and salt water and can handle source, flowback, and produced water.

AquaMost’s SX PECO Reactor water-treatment system.



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