Multidimensional Cutter

Baker Hughes has announced the availability of its StayCool multidimensional cutter, which helps operators drill to total depth faster and more cost-effectively by extending cutter life and footage per run. Used exclusively on the Hughes Christensen Talon platform of polycrystalline-diamond-compact bits, these cutters incorporate a contoured diamond table, wear-resistant diamond materials, and new interface designs. In challenging environments such as interbedded sandstones and carbonates, bit performance is directly related to cutters and their ability to withstand heat. Overheated cutters experience abrasive wear faster, which can lead to lower rates of penetration and higher mechanical specific energy (MSE), or wasted energy, that is not directly transferred into removing rock. The StayCool cutter’s patent-pending contoured design reduces friction, maintains a sharper cutting edge throughout the bit run, and reduces MSE. Laboratory testing has shown that the cutters generate 20% less heat on the cutter face than conventional flat-surface cutters. StayCool cutters have already drilled more than 289,000 ft in 89 runs, in five different applications in field tests, and for more than 20 customers throughout the United States.

StayCool heat-resistant cutters from Baker Hughes.



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