Gas-Tight Storm Plug

Archer has released STORMLOCK—a gas-tight storm plug specifically designed for suspension operations in the Gulf of Mexico and other deepwater markets. STORMLOCK is the latest addition to the Archer family of well-suspension plugs, the LOCK series, which provides the assurance of an absolute seal independently certified as gas tight under ISO 14310 V0. It has been engineered to support up to 300 t of pipe, and its enhanced seal technology provides a safe, gas-tight solution for short or long suspension periods, harsh conditions, and storms. Further benefits include rapid deployment, easy retrieval, efficient use of rig time, and flexibility in terms of depth and deviation. Although it is able to support up to 300 t of pipe, it does not require weight below in order to set so it can be set shallow, deeply, and evenly in horizontal sections, and in nonstorm applications. This eliminates the time and cost associated with drillpipe deployment. If well conditions present challenges, the plug can be repositioned and reset any number of times. Retrieving the plug is fast and reliable, and built-in millability means no delays before starting the next operation.

The STORMLOCK gas-tight storm plug from Archer.



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