Water-Cut Monitor

The Universal IV CM Model water-cut monitor from AMETEK Drexelbrook, now with a temperature-compensation feature, offers improved accuracy and reliability for temperatures up to 160°F. Like the previous version of the Universal IV, the temperature-compensated version offers superior water-cut–measurement accuracy in the low ranges (0–1, 0–5, 0–10, and 0–30% water), accuracy to 0.03% water, and measurement resolution to 0.0002% water. Among the key features of the compact Universal IV CM are a built-in liquid-crystal display and keypad and Cote-Shield technology, which ignores coating buildup on the probe and puts the sensing area of the instrument directly into the process stream. The Perm-A-Seal sensing element on the Universal IV CM installs directly into a main process line without requiring spool pieces, side arms, or slipstreams. The monitor’s electronics are designed to ignore paraffin buildup on the pipe and probe. Field calibration can be performed anywhere along the two-wire loop with software or with a local display/keypad without a laptop or handheld communicator. The Universal IV CM is fully backward compatible with Drexelbrook’s CM-6/CM-3 systems. An upgrade retrofit kit is available that allows replacement of existing transmitters without removal of the probe.

Drexelbrook’s Universal IV CM water-cut monitor.



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