Oilfield Pressure-Gauge System

Acoustic Data has introduced its AD250 oilfield pressure-gauge system. The AD250 is a new-generation acoustic-telemetry system that measures wellbore pressure in real time. The downhole gauge has a transmission range of approximately 2000 m in a noisy well environment and approximately 2500 m in a quiet well environment, such as an observation well. The AD250 system is ideal for electrical submersible pumps, progressing-cavity pumps, jet pumps, gas lift, free flow, or observation oil and gas wells in this depth range. High-accuracy sensors in the gauge measure pressure and temperature in the wellbore several times per day. These data are transmitted to the surface in real time along the production tubular using advanced acoustic telemetry. At the surface, an accelerometer bolted to the wellhead picks up the signal, which is then processed in a compact, low-power signal decoder. Data are stored on an integrated secure digital (SD) card, which can be transmitted through a Modbus remote terminal unit or Ethernet. For nonnetworked applications, the data may be read from the integral display or downloaded to a laptop by use of the SD card.

The AD250 acoustic-telemetry system from Acoustic Data.



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