Lead-Free Impression Block

Peak Well Systems’ Peak Impression Block (PIB) is a lead-free tool for taking high-definition impressions of objects within the wellbore. The PIB reduces operating time and offers users a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to lead-impression blocks (LIBs) while enhancing the impression taken downhole. Despite being well documented as a harmful and toxic substance, lead is still used widely in LIBs because there has been no viable alternative to date. Unlike LIBs, however, Peak’s PIB uses high-performance impression inserts that are 100% lead free, eliminating health and environmental issues. The inserts can be changed over within seconds, enabling used inserts to be kept as a permanent record of operation. The PIB also has a higher working-temperature envelope and is well suited to ultrahigh-temperature applications in which lead would normally melt. The PIB is available in 19 different outer-diameter sizes suited to 2⅞-, 3½-, 4½-, 5½-, and 7-in. completions.

The lead-free PIB from Peak Well Systems.



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