Process-Optimization Software

Aspen Technology has announced availability of the V8.3 release of its aspen-ONE software. This release includes new functionalities in Aspen HYSYS software—acid-gas cleaning to model gas-sweetening units, and pressure-safety-valve sizing, which for the first time allows process engineers to size pressure safety valves as an integral part of the overall process design. The new acid-gas cleaning functionality uses rigorous rate-based calculations and a new property package to deliver accurate and predictive results to amine-based absorption processes. Both acid-gas cleaning and pressure-safety-valve sizing are included in Aspen HYSYS in a single modeling environment with intuitive workflows. These new capabilities enable users to optimize upstream, midstream, and refining processes faster and to produce inherently safer designs. The new aspenONE release gives users access to process simulation from any Web-enabled device, allowing them the ability to search for models, run the simulation, and compare with real-time data wherever they are.



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