Measurement-While-Drilling Ranging Service

Scientific Drilling International’s MagTraC MWD Ranging system addresses difficult wellbore-placement and risk-mitigation challenges. First introduced in 1998, MagTraC targets applications where uncertainty and risk are major factors in well construction, isolating the Earth’s naturally occurring magnetic field from the magnetic interference signature of a casing string, allowing the distance and direction to the target to be determined and using the raw measurement-while-drilling data to calculate the relative position between wellbores. Remote data centers ensure that there is no interruption in operations, and results are typically available 15 to 30 minutes after Scientific Drilling’s specialists receive the data, with preliminary results usually becoming available in 15 minutes. MagTraC allows remote ranging where data can be sent without operational shutdown and provides increased safety assurance by eliminating additional survey runs or on-site personnel. Since September of 2013, MagTraC has been used in more than 450 jobs across the globe involving production recovery, fish bypass, plug and abandonment, close-proximity drilling, collision avoidance, ghost-well detection, and kickoff assurance.

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Scientific Drilling International’s MagTraC MWD Ranging system.



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