Infinite-Revolution Bit

Baker Hughes has introduced the Hughes Christensen IRev infinite-revolution bit that improves run life while minimizing trips and the number of bits required when drilling in hard and abrasive intervals, including sandstones or complex sections interbedded with softer shales. IRev technology features a cutting structure that includes diamond-impregnated posts that allow an increased rate of rock removal, enabling the bit to drill in places where polycrystalline-diamond-compact bits typically cannot perform. As diamonds wear away, new diamonds are exposed to enhance performance and extend bit life further. Other new features of the IRev bit include a design that enables higher torque output to deliver greater rate of penetration (ROP). Application-specific diamond grits provide optimal performance by matching technology to application. Depending on the application environment, additional features can be incorporated into the IRev bit to deliver superior performance. New profiles balance workloads better to extend bit life, while improved hydraulics enables more-effective cleaning in hard sections interbedded with stickier, softer shales and siltstones. Posts can be exposed above the blades to improve aggressiveness in less-demanding applications, delivering higher ROP.

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The IRev infinite-revolution bit from Baker Hughes offers increased rates of rock removal and penetration.



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